Thursday, October 27, 2011


People laughing close by
Laughing, talking, shouting, screaming
Bursting crackers too
Merry people close by

I disapprove
Why must you disturb my slumber?
The somnambulist that I am
Walking through life in a daze

All you people close by
Go elsewhere;
You must have better things to do
Than heighten my sense of alienation

It is official now: I hate festivities.

When did I last tell you that I miss you?
Or did I ever?


Unknown said...

Arjun, I completely agree with you! However, my bone of contention is not that my slumber is disturbed; actually, my whole being is!
I am eternally surprised as to where do people draw so much energy for fun and frolic! What is their source?

I am in search
Of that spring of joy
That nourishes all and sundry
But me...

Where on earth is it?
Or is it within myself?
When did I lose it
I can't tell!

All I can touch deep within
Is a spring of hemlock
Hemlock it is!
But robbed of the dignity of a Socratean life!
It's only hemlock
That leaves a bitter aftertaste
Of a life not worthily lived!

telperion said...

Have some blueberry pies :)