Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Love knows no reason
And Reason knows not love

Early morning, rumpled bed
Taking stock of life
The dawn of an age of reason...


Potomoi! Whoa! Whoa!
Ink and books and boa
But it’s not easy when you turn me on

Lilly in the valley, goes she
Down the murram road
Pitcher full of ale

Tincan whines Tincan’s woes
Tincan, yes can, goes
Tin can full of ginger ale, he knows

We-we cheeky, We-we drunk
We-we topples on my trunk

Imzy distant, Imzy far
Imzy on a topless car
Imzy on a parcel box with ribbons on the floor

Figgy whimpers, Tony sings
What the heck! O what it brings?
Ridge and Ridgey, there they come…they go

Puffy Ronnie ginger ale
Grapes are sour, grapes are pale
Downpour on the windshield, fresh yet stale

Cosy blanket, treasure trail
Now we triumph, now we fail
O! Will I not won’t I not can I not, Now!

Crazy fat-boy suffers so
Southern sepoy wants to go
It was not to be: she sees the snow

Sunshine, ebony, sugar sweet
What a pain, what a treat
What a time, O, it used to be

Cans and cans and cans of ale
Same old story, same old tale

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Darling, if you love me
Never tell me so
Words of love are tedious
They lost their meaning a while ago
As I woke from my noontime siesta

No better than caterwauls
Or screeching chalks on blackboards,
Declarations of love are annoying

Grapes are not sour;
Post-glut, I am hyperglycaemic

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I thought I had seen it all,
Heard it all
But you prove me wrong yet again

I agree I owe you one, la vie

Mercury-vapour lamps with halos; cupric ripples in jet black puddles; lonesome croaks in dark thickets; purple sky and violet billows…
It is drizzling in the provincial roads and by-lanes

Is it the same now, in a distant city of students and steaks? Or in that bumbling metropolis, which stifles me, where dwell the lovers and the fools?

I entertain myself with nouvelle dresses and dishes
And paperbacks to devour
And iced drinks to gulp
Ashtrays urgently waiting for refills
Tangling unsuspecting victims
All unexpected trysts with bliss

Let us go then you and I, where velocity dwells upon the sky
Like a Windows’ Starfield screensaver
And I shall confess how I love you no more
How I love no one
How I can not, any more
And may you witness the spectacle of
Boiling blood bursting like bubble gums
Erupting from my ENT cavities
Grass green bile
Oozing from sundry lacerations which
Decorate my drain-board abs

She waited, in vain
It was stupid of her
I waited in vain, equally so
But now I wait no more

Confused, you say…
Been there, done that.
Survival is 42
I danced in the rain all evening
And I never felt like crying.

Thank you for all the fish
You owe me one, la vie

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tagore: PRAKRITI 118

The night reverberates with the monsoon’s drone
As I string the aching memories all alone
The door to my room, dark, is kept ajar,
I wonder in what oversight
I suppose my companion is coming:
my friend for this plaintive night
With his coming he renders music to the rain
And the Kadamba grove shivers in pleasure
Even if he never arrives, I shall hope in vain
Placing our mat on the dust for good measure


I ask you: ‘Is love still there?’
‘Don’t know…think so’, you say
Meaning: there is none.

Then why do you call me so,
Talking of life and us?
Meaning, there is none.


By the window, pretty mauve
Flowers quiver in the breeze
Now you place one in my hair,
On my forehead: a moist kiss

The mauve blossoms have withered
To traces of sickly pink
The bleaching glare of summer
Leaves colours in dreams alone

The heat, the haze, the fever
The wakeful dreams in stupor
Long are these days: never-ending;
The nights, sleepless and sweaty

Monday, April 28, 2008



I could hear the ravens caw
In a sky of vaporized blood
I could see the shadows move
And they called me, called me, called me.
I could hear the whisper still
O how that nightmare lingers


Wishing upon a star
With an ache and furtive sighs
Quietly first love dies.
I could taste the teardrops still
O how the friendship lingers


Now my bed is grass
Now my cover: the night
Raindrops in halogen glitter
As I tread along in stupor.
I could feel the shivers still
O how the madness lingers


In an unknown city you lay
Up unknown streets and quarters
But do I find you there?
I could smell the damp fags still
O how foolishness lingered


Have we been together a week?
Or may be for a year
So, I stab you with a knife
And I stab you with a knife
And I stab you with a knife.
I could see the warm blood still
O how the heartaches linger


You cry, I weep
I cry, you weep
We fail and try and fail
Now am past all words
Now am there no more
Snakes in my head and lizards in my shanks
O how existence lingers


Six feet under earth and poop
There burns my final pyre
And I hear the ravens caw
And I taste the salty streaks
And I feel the chilly wind
I smell the dreams all up in smoke
And I see the gaping wounds

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We wish you were there
In drunken dreams, in love
In times of desperation
And aching gaps of existence

Former love, we say
But who are we kidding?
We long for you evermore
The present lies steeped in a past

It was so full of dreams of the future

One tires of love and friendship
One tires of all good intensions
One really does tire of good advice soon
I guess we shall never love again

I pass on the coin you gave
I trample, I tread, I slaughter
What goes around, goes around, around
And promises, they are meant to be broken

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Save me from life
I shall give you love
And the sour Plumeria stalks of my breasts
The sweat-moistened softness of my breasts
The speckled-viper poison of my breasts
The cinnamon scented peaks of my breasts

With every bite and moan shall I receive heaven
And my blood will blossom in Neriums

Save me from life
I shall get you death
And a lance-stab pain in your breast
A pulverised heart in your breast
A wide open split in your breast
Maggot-infested holes in your breast

With every bite and moan you will embrace hell
And your blood shall blossom in Neriums