Saturday, December 15, 2007


Right here is a world of dreams
And a world of wakefulness
Their denizens, you and I
It was all very charming though!

The smell of garlic, sautéed
Huge fluffed pillows, black
Gin ’n’ apple nectar, 2:00
Movies and cigarettes

May be a lunch for the three?
(Speaking for me, rather not.)
Yes, you always did believe
All that I said, to a fault.

Not being able to say
What I ought to: that was mine
So, did I come here for this?
Not merely, at least…I hope.

And I keep asking myself
Was this first visit only
To say good bye to old times?
More convincingly, may be?


Cold hands, cold feet
Just the memory of a sun
Remind me again, why I'm here...
There — the phone rings.

That does ring a bell too:
You have surely moved on
So have I, I suppose
Just a pang still remains
Lost time never returns
Nor love, when you give up.