Saturday, December 15, 2007


Right here is a world of dreams
And a world of wakefulness
Their denizens, you and I
It was all very charming though!

The smell of garlic, sautéed
Huge fluffed pillows, black
Gin ’n’ apple nectar, 2:00
Movies and cigarettes

May be a lunch for the three?
(Speaking for me, rather not.)
Yes, you always did believe
All that I said, to a fault.

Not being able to say
What I ought to: that was mine
So, did I come here for this?
Not merely, at least…I hope.

And I keep asking myself
Was this first visit only
To say good bye to old times?
More convincingly, may be?


Nemo said...

I hope that the person it is written for sees it for what it truly is. The question is, why does an outsider like me feel, that both have convinced their hearts that they have moved on? Both deny with vehemence that there lies still, maybe hope against hope hopen, or interventions/interruptions by psychopathic megalomaniac, something special, which belies your own lies to self.

telperion said...

It is not that simple, kid :)
By the way, readers are to delight in a poem for the way they can relate to it, not for any glimpse it offers of the poet's life. That may lead to falacy: not all works are autobiographical. So, what do you think of the metre? lol!

Anonymous said...

so what is the poet's metre here? kindly tell.

Astraeus said...

this was a surprise, and a pleasant one that too.