Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mon Frérot

All that has been said seems so trifling
All that has not shall never be
But how do words count?
Let silence sing for me my friend
My ode to you
My swansong

Friday, May 19, 2006


Untie the shoestrings off my imagination
Let him tread bare on the grass
Let the dew dampen my parched mind
Bring life to the old carcass

The whispy fog which floats like a veil
Woven with memories
Let it melt with the morning sunrays sweet
Adieu old love stories

I reached the end of all future
Now i start to live anew
With every step on the green green grass
speckled with the glistening dew


I have been a man of many loves:
A dozen in the past few years
Searching, not knowing what i seek
Clutching at a million fears

It has not been an ordinary life

But now I am lost and tired
Now i am spent and plain
O girl who loved me once
Will you sing me to sleep again?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So what are you doing now?
Having apricots

I like the way you say it: a-e-pri-cots
Huh! What is so nice about that?
Nothing! Just like it, you know:
The way you like certain things
Without any rhyme or reason for doing so?

Flash back
Good night and apricots
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
Apricots are any day better

Monday, May 15, 2006


I saw you in my dreams last night
On the Madikeri hills
We walked in silence hand in hand
All else just stood standstill

I saw you in my dreams last night
You blessed me with a kiss
I could give my all my love
For a night such as this

I'll see you in my dreams tonight
I'll stab you with a knife
I'll sing to you my love-song
And then I'll take my life


On the wings of the crow evening descends
Dripping from a tangerine sky
The scattered stars, a buckle moon,
Gleaming lantern festoons
Grow bright as the light slowly dies

An evening breeze gently blows
Gently lifts a fallen leaf
It flits, and it floats, and it flies
It gets lost in the dark,
In the lonely city park
Will it ever return if it tries?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Did you know in delicious dreams
I carry you over to the bed?
A kiss and a million
A screw or two
We lie peaceful, dead

Oh yes it was fine indeed
The Smoke from our cigarettes mingle
Though you are not my type, and others do dwell in the cranium
Indeed, it was just fine
Fine in a delicious dream.

But who is it now, darling?
Just guess who it shall be
Is it another epiphany
Or I hear the telephone ring?