Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Planet Romeo

"Ah! My mucus past compare
These dewdrops bright I wear
Am I not Prima Insectum?"

Behold how my scales glisten
With hues of the burnished sun
My down so white and fluffy
Like a fruit of the dandelion,
Ripened by the caress of autumn.

Where have you seen
A proboscis more elegant:
Curved like an Ionic volute,
Or a thorax more gracefully formed:
Ribbed as English smocking?

Gaze in to my luminous ommatidia
Graze my tarsus-tibia
Feel me, feed me, fuck me
But first, admit you love me.

(Originally published as Nubile in Kindle, June 2011)


Mist said...

u made entomology sexy..

telperion said...

They required something kafkaesque :-P