Saturday, May 14, 2011


I did what I had to,
You did what you could.

Did we say goodbye that wintry morning?
Memory fails me.
Is it Time's mercy,
Or my usual forgetfulness?
Imploring all my senses
To capture each moment
For eternity,
I had lain awake all autumn.
Yet so little remains,
Except a distant ache.
Now the leaves of summer
Glisten by
A thumping rumbling vector
Hurls me to new destinies.

You did what you had to
I did what I could.

(First two lines courtesy Shreyasi Bose)


freakteans said...


The Vice Buddha said...

I don't know even if it i possible.

Can one truly move on? I mean, if I can get over my ex, doesn't all my feelings for him become meaningless? Was it even love then? Or was it an illusion of love?

Ya.. true.. I did what I had to do.
He did what he could.

telperion said...

pertinent questions: one often holds on to the past just to convince oneself that it was nothing less than what it was... to let go seems like accepting it was not the 'real thing'.
However, experts tell me, there is a fallacy in there. One needs to learn to do without the emotional dependence; that is what 'getting over' is all about. It does not mean you love him any less :)