Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It rains tonight
My longing bounces forth
Like droplets off the puddles,
But never reach you,
Nor your dream.

I imagine your soft breath
From an evening of love;
Your eyes, comforting
Like the nest of a bird at sundown,
Remain closed now...
Oblivious of my distant gaze.

If I could visit your dream,
Would you remember in the morning?
May be the brow shall carry
The memory of a kiss.

I love you; no love is ever too far.
All shall be well, as you read this...and forever more. :-)


Padma Subramanian said...

well im speechless as how to describe and put in words about your writing...well amazing job..

Mist said...

What a familiar beautifully put into words...i cant stop reading and re reading ur poems..

telperion said...

Thank you;
But who are you, as enigmatic as the mist itself? :)

Mist said...

just like mist...u can only feel it n get drenched in it but never follow it...
actually urs is d only other blog i read apart from my friends...n im so enchanted...

telperion said...

Well, thank you again.
I was wondering why your blog is blank? Is Utopia=nothing? :)

Mist said...

Yeah just made a blog but dont hv enough to put up....and now im too humbled by fellow brilliant bloggers

telperion said...


"All shall be well...": good joke :)