Monday, October 24, 2016


Some cold, drowsy mornings
Awaken a sense of loss
Misplacing something vital, but
Je ne sais quoi

Absent-minded mornings
Blurring light and sleep
When I cannot recall if
I dreamt of you last night

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Your glacial eyes tore my heart apart
Before shifting their gaze
Away, forever

O how do I grieve the loss of love,
While my people, my land
Are raped by the King's men? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


I miss window shutters:
Sunlight split through louvres
Of tapered edges
And bevelled ends
Framed in the warmth
Of wood that bears
Cuneiform scriptures
On brittle palimpsest
Of myriad paint-jobs,
Which had vainly attempted
To cover the crow's feet
And whirling laugh lines
Of droll, old trees.

These factory-produced,
light, and cold
aluminium sections,
Forever shuffle
a feet and a half
each way, each day.
They lack the animation
Of rusty iron hinges
Opening wide embraces
In perfectly pivoted,
graceful arcs
To left, to right.
Perhaps their banality
Is a fitting companion
To the naked view
Of the unfettered glazing.

Think, instead,
Of nine square nine inches
In ground glass, panelled,
At the upper reaches
Of the louvered shutters
Beyond the inquisitive eyes.
Nestled in between
Would be a  slender tower bolt,
The curve of its knob
Felt in daily caresses
As distant and acute as your memories.