Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We wish you were there
In drunken dreams, in love
In times of desperation
And aching gaps of existence

Former love, we say
But who are we kidding?
We long for you evermore
The present lies steeped in a past

It was so full of dreams of the future

One tires of love and friendship
One tires of all good intensions
One really does tire of good advice soon
I guess we shall never love again

I pass on the coin you gave
I trample, I tread, I slaughter
What goes around, goes around, around
And promises, they are meant to be broken

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Save me from life
I shall give you love
And the sour Plumeria stalks of my breasts
The sweat-moistened softness of my breasts
The speckled-viper poison of my breasts
The cinnamon scented peaks of my breasts

With every bite and moan shall I receive heaven
And my blood will blossom in Neriums

Save me from life
I shall get you death
And a lance-stab pain in your breast
A pulverised heart in your breast
A wide open split in your breast
Maggot-infested holes in your breast

With every bite and moan you will embrace hell
And your blood shall blossom in Neriums