Friday, June 08, 2012


As another morning
Tiptoes through darkness
Serenely sighing, and
Stretching sleepy limbs
To birdsong,

Love sheds all resentments,
Coiling content beneath
A pool of cool comfort,
Rippled with sleep and

And how many regrets would
You twine round your ankles?
The best measure of life is
Found in its moments
Of madness.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Twirling, black, wet
Decapitated vanity
Scattered on the floor

Did you look away, as we made love that night?
Did we make love that night?
Did we ever make love?

Because I hungered for that
Which I never deserved,
Because I hunger for that
Which I cannot have,
Each night, a zombie with haunted hair
Traverses a mobius strip of nostalgia

Someday I’ll kill the beast
And bathe these tresses in its blood
Twirling, red, wet