Monday, April 28, 2008



I could hear the ravens caw
In a sky of vaporized blood
I could see the shadows move
And they called me, called me, called me.
I could hear the whisper still
O how that nightmare lingers


Wishing upon a star
With an ache and furtive sighs
Quietly first love dies.
I could taste the teardrops still
O how the friendship lingers


Now my bed is grass
Now my cover: the night
Raindrops in halogen glitter
As I tread along in stupor.
I could feel the shivers still
O how the madness lingers


In an unknown city you lay
Up unknown streets and quarters
But do I find you there?
I could smell the damp fags still
O how foolishness lingered


Have we been together a week?
Or may be for a year
So, I stab you with a knife
And I stab you with a knife
And I stab you with a knife.
I could see the warm blood still
O how the heartaches linger


You cry, I weep
I cry, you weep
We fail and try and fail
Now am past all words
Now am there no more
Snakes in my head and lizards in my shanks
O how existence lingers


Six feet under earth and poop
There burns my final pyre
And I hear the ravens caw
And I taste the salty streaks
And I feel the chilly wind
I smell the dreams all up in smoke
And I see the gaping wounds

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