Sunday, June 08, 2008


Darling, if you love me
Never tell me so
Words of love are tedious
They lost their meaning a while ago
As I woke from my noontime siesta

No better than caterwauls
Or screeching chalks on blackboards,
Declarations of love are annoying

Grapes are not sour;
Post-glut, I am hyperglycaemic


Nemo said...

Doesn't naivety deserve an advice? A warning? A sign? This relevation goes hard on us fools... distance begets desire and expression is limited... words.... felled by words... truly in an unsuitable profession... this relevation goes hard... as does this month of june

say_tat said...

they are but perhaps they feed on our paranoia of silence? words of love...blend of ironic, comic, tragic or outright absurd?

Astraeus said...

i agree with what nemo says actually. He echoes everything i wnated to say after reading this