Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am here now,
And you are over there,
But our time
(It was good) is gone.

Never leaves us the same,
And if I step across that door,
Friends would meet as strangers

I'll never step across
That door
Being scared?
Or obstinate.

Life was good
Life still is
Life shall be
As always.

I await my blueberry nights.
Wish me luck;
I think I know you would


Unknown said...

My love is scarlet!
Wedged into broken images
Incapable of fusing into one
They bleed
They scream
They plead with the world
They fall on deaf ears
They scatter
Not meet each other again!

Unknown said...

The last line should be "Not to meet each other again". I missed the "to".

telperion said...

Surprisingly, I like the version without the preposition.
The preposition logically links the last line to the rest of the poem, and then the whole thing becomes a description, albeit poetic, of your love.
Without it, the last line becomes an aside: you are analysing your love, and then, you put it away (very Woolf), and arrive at a decision... (let's) not meet each other again. That renders a whole new dimension to the piece.

Unknown said...

But, can I really take so much poetic liberty? I do not know...! Perhaps, yes! I am convinced by your analysis though!