Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Nothing shall remain as you take your leave
But the pain you gifted me in parting

In your whim you come to my arbour
All shall I cover that you trample on your way
Only sweet pain will keep me company
As the darkness descends at the end of the day

The plaintive strains of the farewell flute
Now fills the evening sky
O beautiful sorrow shall live evergreen
Nurtured by the tears of goodbye


Nemo said...

It was said that if there is beauty in nurturance see tears... and when two tears meet, then... you know maybe I run out of tears Old Friend, not reasons but resource... so I ask... lend me your tears, awhile... and let me cry for us both and now even the sky will join me.... if you can read shesh lekha... the translation isn't as nice as the original, but...

Nemo said...

ai chhele... ki ar bujhi lekhar dorkar nei...!!!

Sujatha said...

It's beautiful