Friday, June 09, 2006


Do ask of me anything
Anything that i might give you
And i asked for these twenty four hours
Just Twenty four hours for you and me
Dangling between chores of existence

But the ephemeral moment was pregnant with a promise still born

What a fool I was
in my heart I surely knew
What i seek is the earth and sky

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is the mind that is pregnant with promises, and the prospects of those promises that make the moments in the hours ephemeral...the beauty of your thoughts pemeate the elements, and what you seek are but dormant within the depths of your find the gift that is you, and cherish the moment you will then find yourself rooted to your foundations, stronger, and reaching the heavens, majestic...within yourself, time will be lost...twenty-four hours will dangle for existence, as your hands will mold is you, the youthful creator, within whom promises of future dwells

ps - did u write those poems? cuz they are freakin awesome! and if u are crazking up at my lil bullshitting episode up there, then eh...laugh =]