Thursday, September 06, 2012


It is 4:50 in the morning; I couldn't sleep.
An insomniac night flows on,
With me sitting up in front of the laptop,
And hearing the tireless drops of rain

I wonder if you got my sms;
I wonder what you are up to.
I wonder what life has in store
For the countless people who are up tonight,
Sitting in front of their laptops,
Not knowing for sure
Why they cannot sleep

Tomorrow shall be another dawn, another day.
Tomorrow shall see another night.
But it is never the same...
The waters of the river flow by.
This I of tonight will never again miss
The you of tonight
The way I do now.

A night car grumbles,
And leaves a vanishing trail,
As it heads off to I-know-not-where.
People are travelling tonight.
People are laughing,
Making love and dying
My longing is just one of the things
Just one person, on this whole wide world, is feeling.

And the insignificant longing curls up my fingers,
And tries to traverse the significant distance between us,
In an attempt to touch your dreams
And your lashes harbouring those dreams,
And surreptitiously return to this wet wet world
Of late night rain and shivering black leaves
That can be heard, but not seen, and
Insomniac solitude

It shall have to return
Before the new dawn of tomorrow,
The new day of tomorrow.
May be it shall wake up again
On another night tomorrow,
But it is never the same.

I grieve the loss of these moments,
That shall never return –
The loss of the longings,
That shall die with dawn,
Never to be fulfilled.
Allow me to grieve them before I raise a toast
To new longings of newer nights

Let it rain.

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