Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Shivering winter.
Lonely on a double bed
My blankets miss you.


Love is there no more

And I am done with mourning.

Only weariness.


The hours crawl by.
Creaking stretches punctuate
Listless existence.


Anonymous said...

Blessed Art Though

Sujatha said...

Please Stop
This Insanity
I Know
Loneliness Knows No Reason.
And Yet
I Do Not Seek Dreams Now.
No Longer Russet Sunsets Will Make Me Shed Precious Tears
No Longer Will I Long For A Touch;
For The Gentle Incline Of My Head On Your Chest;
No More Will I
Seek To Smell The Summer Sweat
And Your Mistress' Scent.

Sujatha said...

It had to be Arjun, and Arjun alone. He alone inhabits the indiscernible grays that seperate love and hate... Arjun, I have seen in all his forms - a childhood companion, a ruthless rival, a broken man, a rising phoenix, a loyal beloved - never mine.